Hear the dial tone?


DialTone is an Australian brand, started in 2021


We believe in the return to genuine human connection. Our goal is to spread awareness of the damaging effects modern technology can have on the mental health and self-image of young people.


20% of profits go to Lifeline Australia to help suicide prevention.




The dial tone represents the silence and complacency regarding predatory algorithms used in modern technology and online platforms which diminish the well-being of their users.


We create a unique allure with our mysterious and retro designs. Each piece of clothing is a work of art, representing various cultural symbols viewed through a techno-pocalyptic lens.


Humanity is not obsolete.


Brandish our apparel to show your desire to return to connection.


What are you waiting for? Dial in now!


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Disclaimer: DialTone Apparel is not affiliated with Lifeline Australia